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Bare Metal Solutions provides professional power washing services to hotels, restaurants, clubs, schools, hospitals, franchises or any commercial facility. We also provide a variety of services to residential customers including driveway, siding and roof cleaning. 

Is your commercial cooking area at risk of FIRE?  It is extremely important to have your cooking exhaust system inspected and cleaned by a professional company.  Grease builds up in your exhaust system and when heated, under normal cooking conditions, can flare up and produce a fire that could burn your entire facility to the ground!  Leaving you with nothing more than a pile of ashes!

A clean exhaust system is required by several agencies.  These include, but not limited to, your Local Fire Marshall, your Insurance Company, NFPA, the State Health Department.  When you have your hood system cleaned, not only are you providing a safer / cleaner work environment, but you are also providing a healthier atmosphere.

Your exhaust system is designed to take the smoke, heat and gases to the outside.  When your system is not cleaned on a regular basis, smoke tends to not exit the kitchen as well.  Additionally, the heat build up can lead to a fire.

Have a look at our pictures of "before and after" hoods.

Have a look at our
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