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 Additional Services For Exhaust Systems


Filter Replacement


Bare Metal Solutions provides UL listed, 2-inch steel baffle grease filters to reduce the amount of grease-laden air that escapes into the ductwork and exhaust system. These filters also serve as a firebreak, controlling cooking flare-ups by minimizing flame penetration beyond the filter area. We provide quality products for your safety.
Access Panel Installation


If we can't get to it, it can't be cleaned. Bare Metal Solutions can provide suitable access to your kitchen exhaust system to ensure proper and thorough cleaning. Bare Metal Solutions installs only UL listed access panels, as required by NFPA 96.
Fan Hinge Retrofitting


In accordance with NFPA 96, Bare Metal Solutions will install hinge kits on the base of the exhaust fan. Fans can then be safely tipped and cleaned without damage to the fan, conduit or the roofing system, resulting in a longer fan life.


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